Ways to Deal With Anger

Welcome! Would like to know more about Anger Management Training and how it can help your organisation to be self-empowered, communicate better and have the skills to deal with difficult circumstances… Well you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a range of taining tailored to your needs..

We offer a range of training programmes for individuals and organisations of any size, specialising in anger management using a range of techniques including NLP, transactional analysis, artwork and counselling.

What makes us different

What makes us different is that we train in the skills to work directly with the root cause of anger as opposed to just learning about the theory of  anger;  The training is based on David’s many years of working with clients and his personal journey and experiences. To find out more about us, click here.

Persistent anger is often the result of a being hurt in your past..

Anger that persists is often the result of the damage, wounding, hurt and pain that people from all walks of life experience. What might seem like a little thing to one person might seem huge to another. For example being bullied, shouted at by teachers,  teased mercilessly  just because you wore glasses or dressed slightly differently at school.

Find the root cause and heal the old wounds..

People who experience abuse, trauma, loss or have not felt heard or listened to. Going through life feeling misunderstood or treated like a door matt could leave someone  ready to blow at any time. All it takes is a trigger such as someone saying,  “you are so stupid”  or “you look so sad in those shoes..”

The last straw broke the camels back..

This could be the last straw and its time put this person in their place. Only it comes out as primal scream and the person who made what they thought was a little joke is blasted with a stream of abuse and left standing there wondering what the heck happened..

What next..

The objective is to raise people’s awareness of the wounding they are feeling from all the years of abuse and to come to terms in some way, with the triggers that  haunt them every day, like little voices in there heads..

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